2015 Green Building Adoption Index: Green Building Uptake in the U.S. Office Market

GBIG Staff

A new report from Maastricht University and CBRE finds that that green building adoption in the United States is significantly more common in large office buildings, than it is in small office buildings. The report notes that more than 62% of U.S. office buildings larger than 500,000 square feet hold an ENERGY STAR or LEED certification. In contrast, only 4.5% of office buildings under 100,000 square feet carry the same distinction.

The study also found that green building adoption is primarily a “first tier city phenomenon,” with the top 5 office markets mostly unchanged from last year. Minneapolis took the top spot once again, with more than 70% of all office space considered ‘green.’

The 2015 Green Building Adoption Index, now in its second year, continues to provide a comprehensive view into the dynamics of LEED and ENERGY STAR office space across the United States. Read the full report:  http://www.cbre.com/o/international/AssetLibrary/Green-Building-Adoption-Index.pdf

GBIG Staff
USGBC research program staff, creators of the Green Building Information Gateway