GRESB Introduces New Tools for ESG Reporting and Benchmarking

Chris Pyke, PhD

Today, GRESB is excited to announce the beginning of the 2016 reporting season. This marks a milestone for GRESB with the release of four assessments and a new module. These tools represent a leap forward from a year ago when GRESB offered just one assessment for capital market engagement.

These new tools significantly expand GRESB’s ability to provide high quality environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data for investor members and participants. These tools address growing asset classes (e.g., infrastructure), important market niches (e.g., developers), and emerging issues (e.g., health and well-being).

As a result of this effort companies and funds around the world can sign in to today and use the:

  • GRESB Infrastructure Assessment. This new product was developed in partnership with an exceptional group of leading institutional investors. The Infrastructure Assessment will establish a global standard for ESG reporting and benchmarking of infrastructure investments. More
  • 2016 Real Estate Assessment. Now in its 7th year, the Real Estate Assessment provides a more streamlined reporting process, including new tools to automate the flow of building-level data. The Real Estate Assessment provides unique data-driven business intelligence for investors and participants. More
  • GRESB Health & Well-being Module. This new module is an optional supplement to the Real Estate Assessment that evaluates and benchmarks actions by real estate companies and funds to promote health and well-being. More
  • GRESB Developer Assessment. A new stand-alone product that evaluates the ESG performance of organizations focused primarily on property development activities. More
  • GRESB Debt Assessment. Now in its second year, the Debt Assessment has been extended to support participation by banks, life companies, pension funds and mortgage REITs, in addition to real estate debt funds. More

The GRESB team is already on the road helping investors and participants use these new tools. They are offering 14 participant training sessions in 10 countries and 6 health & well-being events in 6 countries.

Now is the time to get involved:

  • Investors can login and invite their investments to participate. Every investor should ask questions about ESG performance and collect information needed to understand whether their investments lead or lag their peers.
  • Companies and funds can login and start their assessments today. Every assessment is free for participants and supported by user-friendly tools and online resources. Participants gain unique insights about their market position and relative strengths and weaknesses.

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Chris Pyke, PhD
GRESB, Chief Operating Officer, helping lead a global team using data and transparency to drive positive change in the real estate industry. Learn more on and