Talking Human Health and Buildings at Greening the Heartland

Chris Pyke, PhD

The 2nd annual BUILDING Chicago/Greening the Heartland Expo took place last week in Chicago, Illinois.  The conference drew architects, engineers, contractors, property owners, developers, and many more from across the region for a three-day event organized by USGBC-Illinois, the Greening the Heartland Committee, AIA Chicago, the Chicagoland/Chamber of Commerce, and the Building Alliance.

I had the privilege of giving a couple of talks, and I wanted to share the slides here.  First, I had the chance to team up with Adele Houghton.  In our education session, Adele debunked myths associated with green building and human health.  I shared some ideas about the potential design of integrative processes credits or criteria to promote human health, wellness, and superior experience.  This is a line of thinking we have been advancing with friends at Enterprise Community Partners and the Pew Center’s Health Impact Project.  Check out slides from the session.

After that, I gave a keynote presentation addressing human health, wellness, and experience more broadly.  I offered a perspective connecting these emerging issues with long-standing themes of market transformation, current scientific understanding, and game-changing technologies.  Check out slides from the plenary.

We will go deeper into these issues throughout the week at Greenbuild 2014 in New Orleans.  Hope to see you there!

Chris Pyke, PhD
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