Finding LEED Project Data in GBIG

Mira Panek
Learn how to slice and dice LEED project data using GBIG's Advanced Activities Search feature.

Here at GBIG, we often hear from users who are looking for LEED project data, and want to know how to find it in GBIG. Typical questions include things like: “Can GBIG help me find a list of LEED Platinum projects in my city?” or “How about a list of all LEED certified projects since 2012?”

The answer to both of these questions, and many more, is “Yes, GBIG can!”  GBIG’s Advanced Activities Search provides filters that let users slice and dice the LEED certified project list by geography, certification date, certification level, space type, size, and many other criteria. There are also tools that enable users to download the project data from their search to a spreadsheet.

So, if you want to find a list of LEED Platinum projects certified this year in California – or some other specific subset of LEED certified projects – watch the video below to learn how it’s done in GBIG!

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Mira Panek
GBIG Project Manager.