A Year of Insights

Sean McMahon

GBIG Insight was launched, in large part, to offer an inclusive forum where leading voices can share their research, analysis, and commentary on critical issues in green building. Throughout the past year we heard from Green Building Council Australia on their incredible efforts to promote sustainability in Australia; we learned from 2030 District leaders about local efforts to advance energy and water efficiency in commercial buildings; we discussed the mounting evidence that sustainability can improve your bottom line; we lauded the emergence of green property bonds; and we learned about cool buildings in places as far away as Sydney, Tel Aviv, and China.

Assuming you didn’t manage to read everything we published this year, we decided to put together a wrap-up highlighting a few of our favorite posts from 2015. Enjoy.

Biomimicry: 3 Ways that Nature’s R&D Can Improve your Bottom Line
By Chris Wedding

Fit for a Princess: Next-Generation Personal Controls Deliver Whole-Building Energy Savings and ‘Precision IEQ’
By Edward Bogucz

Why Bother with Certification? LEED Certified Apartments Earn Higher Rents
By Avis Devine

Institutional Investors Increasingly Demand High Performance Buildings
By Dan Winters

Representation of Health in LEED
By Kelly Worden

Resilience: Surviving and Thriving in the Face of Change
By Heather Joy Rosenberg

How Can LEED Help the World Achieve the New Sustainable Development Goals
By Josh Gellers

2030 Districts as a Movement
By Joyce Lee

Is Solar Really Cheaper than Fossil Fuels?
By Christopher Clement

The Secrets to Building Places for People
By Robert Milagre

Sean McMahon
USGBC Research Project Manager, GBIG Content Manager