GBIG Tracking Provides Weekly Green Building Market Updates

Mira Panek

Have you been enjoying the monthly LEED Certification Updates from USGBC? Isn’t it great to see the growth of LEED month by month in countries all around the globe? Well, how would you like to complement these monthly updates with news about LEED, and other green building activity (Energy Star, Green Star, award winning projects, etc.), on a weekly basis? You can, through GBIG.

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GBIG tracking provides regular reports on green building activity in the places that matter to you.

Just log in, or sign up to create your account at, and then look for the +Follow button. You’ll find it on Building pages, in search results, and on Place pages, like these ones for the USA and China. You can also follow cities, and even individual buildings.

Clicking the follow button will add a building or place to your GBIG news feed. You’ll start receiving regular updates about all the green building activity that happens in the places that are most important for you, your teams and your business – delivered right to your inbox.

You can manage how often you receive these updates on the Following tab of your My GBIG page. Or, just click ‘My Feed’ from the menu under your profile picture at the top of the page. GBIG makes it easy for you to stay informed about what’s happening at the buildings and in the markets you care most about.

Mira Panek
GBIG Project Manager.